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"One of the most inspiring and informative books that I have ever read! As a young entrepreneur in the real estate market, it provided a wealth of information in regards to resources for small business owners, marketing ideas, insightful formulas for success (planning, researching, building an effective team, etc) and much more. An entrepreneurship\'s journey helped remind me that my big picture dream of a Real Estate Sales and Development firm is ascertainable!! Thank you, Kathy!"

— Lorenzo Wooten Jr.,
Commerical and Residential Realtor

"History teaches that only entrepreneurs can pull us out of recessions--the more entrepreneurs we have, the more growth we'll enjoy. By telling her remarkable story, Kathy Freeland makes a valuable contribution to the economy. She helps move the focus of entrepreneurship from the individual to the journey on which they embark, with all the complexity and uncertainty it entails. This, then, is an important book for prospective entrepreneurs and scholars."

— Dr. Carl J. Schramm,
President and CEO The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

“An Entrepreneur’s Journey is an enlightened chronicle of an unusual entrepreneur and goes a long way toward showing all of us—especially potential entrepreneurs, whether students, employees, or company owners—what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.”

— Dr. Freeman A. Hrabowski, III,
President University of Maryland, Baltimore County

“A must read for anyone wanting to Achieve the American Dream..like Kathryn did! She has the DNA of a risk taking entrepreneur with a disciplined approach that seizes the opportunity and turns it into a reality....creating, controlling and flourishing in your own business!!! Carpe diem as Kathyrn did!!!”

— Melainie Sabelhaus,
Former Deputy Administrator U.S. Small Business Administration

Kathryn Freeland personifies the entrepreneurial spirit and drive towards innovation and collaboration that we strive to teach business students in today’s highly competitive global marketplace. An Entrepreneur’s Journey is at once a compelling personal narrative and a valuable guidebook to success in business – a testament to a bold vision, savvy, and the determination to turn adversity into a competitive edge. UAB is so proud to have Kathryn as an alumna and friend to our university, as she continues to inspire budding entrepreneurs on our campus and around the nation.

— Dr. Carol Z. Garrison,
President The University of Alabama at Birmingham






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