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Navigating Your Way to Business Success, An Entrepreneur's Journey tells of the road taken by one entrepreneur who dared to succeed against all odds. It is the story of a woman who started a company after receiving the disappointing news that she would not be promoted to the management position she had worked toward for several years. Instead of receiving the promotion, she was asked to train her new boss, which became the motivation needed to look beyond the current circumstance and envision what could be. 

Kathryn Freeland walks the reader through the steps she took to turn disappointment into empowerment through business ownership.  From the initial decision to become her own boss, the careful planning taken to achieve the vision, to funding the venture and tapping into government programs, she gives the reader a glimpse of what being an entrepreneur entails.  She goes further to explain how the success of a business depends heavily on finding and recruiting the right employees, determining your competitive advantage in the marketplace and then how to grow the company through marketing and business development. 

An Entrepreneur's Journey does not focus on the perceived glamour of business ownership, but emphasizes the importance of navigating around the roadblocks that every entrepreneur will face at various stages of business growth.  By navigating the roadblocks and devising solutions for overcoming the challenges, an entrepreneur's vision can be achieved.  However, it is important for an entrepreneur to strike the right balance in their lives in order to avoid the proverbial burnout.  Freeland gives strong advice on how to achieve balance of business ownership while also maintaining a balance with those things that are important, i.e., spirituality, family, personal relationships, etc.  

As the entrepreneur takes the journey to business success, it is at the point where the owner is forced to define success for themselves that they determine if and when the dream has been realized. 

With each chapter beginning with a scriptural reference, that for Freeland shows her journey to entrepreneurship would not have been possible without prayer and the guidance of a supreme being, she intuitively ends each chapter with a list of lessons learned.   

Within the margins of this 232 page book, An Entrepreneur's Journey provides valuable insight to every aspiring entrepreneur, those who are current members of the entrepreneur's club and looking to take their businesses to a new level, and to those who doubt whether it can be done.  Freeland reassures the reader that yes it can be done, but also cautions that entrepreneurship is not for everyone.  However, for those who dare to take the journey, this book gives very pointed advice on how to navigate the entrepreneurial waters, where to turn for help, what resources are available, and how to turn setbacks into comebacks.

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